Domarpresentation SM 2022

Domare: Martin Ashman

I have kept spaniels for over 40 years
I am a keen country sportsman having hunted with hounds and I really enjoy shooting over my dogs
I am an A panel spaniel judge and have judged many trials in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and a few years ago I had the privilege to judge the Swedish Spaniel Championship
I have been the Field Trial Secretary for over 25 years for the Western Counties and South Wales Spaniel Club and I am also the FT secretary for the Dorset Spaniel Club
In my kennels I have had many field trial winners and 4 field trial champions



Domare: Guy Stubbings

My name is Guy Stubbings,

I have been trialling dogs for over 20 years making up 6 field trial championships and many winners, I have ran in many championships gaining 3rd place in the cockers with a dog called ftch norbeck Cassidy and been on the judging A panel for 8 years, I am very much looking forward to judging your championships and also looking forward to meeting you all, many thanks