Domare Derbyt 2017


Några rader från Juha Lindroth som dömer derbyt 2017.


First I want to thank your club for inviting me to judge in Sweden. It is an honour and privilege to judge your derby.
A few words of me. I have trialling and shooting over my spaniels since 2005 when I get my first springerspaniel. Since that I have had 7 springers and 2 cockers.
Six on them have get least one first prize in our winner class.

Got my judging lisence in 2011/2012 and came A-panel judge in 2014.
Have judged three times in finnish cockerspaniel championships.

In Sweden I have competed three times. Five years ago in derby, three years ago in derby and in cocker- and av-championships. Last year I competed in av-championships.
Those have been great events.

Kind Regards
Juha Lindroth